Ownermatch is about Investing Wisely

Many busy owners do not have the time available to enjoy their second-homes on a regular basis. Others choose to travel extensively or spend time in multiple recreational areas. As a result, their properties sit empty, costing money and making their real estate investment hard to justify.

At the same time, even affluent buyers are finding it difficult to justify the cost of investing in the expensive vacation homes they desire with limited time available to enjoy the benefits. A problem faced by many.

The Solution is 50/50 Co-Ownership. Instead of one owner carrying all the costs of a vacation home they use on a limited basis, two well-matched co-owners share the investment equally. Both participate in a smart “cost-effective” real estate investment with more than enough time available to enjoy the lifestyle benefits. They enjoy a superior home (that they could not justify purchasing on their own) in a premium location with more space, features and luxury lifestyle amenities... for half the cost!

  1. Current Owners of “under-utilized” luxury vacation homes
  2. New Buyers looking for smart lifestyle investment opportunities.
  3. Savvy Investors who appreciate that a 50/50 Co-owner will make their investment a more prudent one.
  4. Affluent Lifestyle Consumers who desire more than one vacation home ( i.e. north/south, summer/winter, mountain ski/desert golf, etc). Invest in, and enjoy, two different lifestyle locations for the same cost as owning one property, in one location, on your own.

The best locations are in premium resort areas. Today’s affluent consumers are looking for maximum lifestyle experiences (ocean front, ski-in/ski-out, premium golf communities, etc). They want easy access to world-class recreational activities. Many also want the excitement of nearby local nightlife, shopping and fine dining. Others just want relaxation and complete privacy. There are options (and “matches”) for everyone.

Turn-key properties that are well-located, beautifully furnished and provide instant “wow-factor” are best. The more luxury features they have the better, as each owner is only paying half the cost for their fantastic lifestyle. Double or triple garages are perfect as they allow room for each owner to keep a vehicle and/or recreational toys. Lockable storage space for owners, while absent, is essential and can be easily incorporated into most luxury homes.

A vacation home is a valuable asset. It is both a real estate investment and a lifestyle investment. Lifestyle returns are easy to calculate. First, how much does the property cost to own (capital cost, maintenance, taxes, services, etc). Second, how many days each year will you enjoy the property? Regardless of expectations that the value of the property will go up over time, if your resort property is not going to be used “cost-effectively” on a regular basis, you are a perfect candidate for 50/50 Co-Ownership.

Our first consideration is the recreational area of interest and seasonal usage requirements (eg. summer only/winter only/multi-season use). Then, preferred locations within that area, design preferences, size, budget, and lifestyle amenities desired. A property must deliver the lifestyle desired by both parties? Pets, allergies or special-needs access issues are then examined, along with any special concerns or considerations. If all factors point to a possible match then the financial strength of candidates follows, including whether or not, any financing is required. There are like-minded “matches” for everyone. All personal information is held in strictest confidence.

Whistler, British Columbia

Thank you for securing an "Ownermatch" for our condo in Whistler. Your care and professionalism were of great value in making the partnership come together. I am an advocate of the Ownermatch Program and feel strongly that it will work well for many. R.D.

San Francisco, California

Thanks so much for putting our co-ownership together with L and K. They are a great couple. Throughout the matching process, you were professional, low key, and never applied any pressure to make a decision. Clearly, you wanted the match to work long term. We will recommend you to our friends. Y.M.

Vancouver, British Columbia

We would never have purchased our place on the lake in Kelowna on our own, but now that we have it in our life, we cannot imagine being without it. A partner sharing the costs makes it “make sense”. It is a huge part of our family time together. Thank you for helping the dream come true. L.O.

Calgary, Alberta

25 days of skiing this season! More than we have had in years! Having a partner in our Whistler place has taken a lot of financial pressure off and we feel more like enjoying the place than ever. It was the perfect solution for us. Thank you for your guidance in bringing it all together. L.S.

White Rock, British Columbia

The lifestyle we’re enjoying in Scottsdale would never have happened without you. The entertaining we are doing is over the top! We would not be benefiting from a co-ownership arrangement without your help and conviction that it was the smartest thing for us to do. What can I say? You were right. G.T.

Santa Clarita, California

I have been an Ownermatch client for over 5 years now, strategically partnered with another couple that has the same values and respect for personal property that I have. We co-own a beautiful Sedona, Arizona residence that has brought many happy memories for us both. I am extremely satisfied with Ownermatch and would highly recommend their program. J.H.

Vancouver, British Columbia

For over 10 years I was a co-investor in a beautiful recreational property in Whistler with Wayne Wilkins, founder of Ownermatch International. It allowed us to enjoy an incredible lifestyle experience with our families and friends while paying only 50% of the costs. I am a huge fan of Ownermatch. H.O.

Whistler, British Columbia

I have known Wayne Wilkins as a local business person, and as a friend, for many years. As a real estate professional, I watched the development of Ownermatch with great interest. What an excellent product to offer both buyers and sellers that makes it possible to co-own and enjoy both a summer property and a winter property for the same cost as owning one. H.C.

Whistler, British Columbia

I met Wayne Wilkins in 1989 when I represented him in the purchase of Brew Creek Lodge, one of the most unique properties in the Whistler area. I have followed the development of the fractional ownership industry for many years and have no hesitation that, with Wayne’s unique approach and commitment; he will make Ownermatch a success. R.S.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Wayne Wilkins has been a client of this office for over 30 years and has demonstrated his ability to define a business opportunity and develop it from start-up to success. As an accountant and business consultant, I worked closely with Wayne for many years and have no doubt he will make Ownermatch International a big success story. L.H.

Ownermatch International Inc. is a registered British Columbia Incorporation

OWNERMATCH is Trademark Protected (United States Patent and Trademark Office - 2009)

Ownermatch International is a service company in the business of matching potential co-owners of real and personal property to other potential co-owners and providing consulting services, education and guidance on all matters related to co-ownership, from negotiation and structuring of mutually-beneficial co-ownership agreements to final execution and registration of those agreements. Ownermatch services are provided on a fee for service basis.

Wayne Wilkins
Ownermatch International

Ownermatch offers a simple value proposition that cuts the costs of owning a vacation home in half and opens the door for more families to invest wisely in a recreational property at their favorite resort.

Since 2004, I have been bringing together like-minded investors to “co-own” luxury lifestyle assets on a 50/50 basis. It is practical and cost-effective. Contact me to learn more about enjoying your vacation home for half the cost.