Smart Vacation Home Ownership

Vacation Homes in North America are enjoyed by owners, on average, 10 to 15 percent of the time, sitting empty over 300 days a year, tying up capital and costing money.


The Ownermatch "50/50 Co-Ownership" Program™

Current Owners can sell a 50% interest in their vacation home to a well-matched Co-owner, releasing equity/reducing debt exposure, and cut all ownership costs in half!

Compatible Buyers purchase a 50% interest and enjoy a spectacular vacation home worth double what they invest. Win.Win!

Both Owners Achieve 100% of the Lifestyle Benefits for 50% of the Cost!

“Exclusive Co-ownership” is based on the principle that two well-matched co-owners, sharing the investment in one luxury property, will experience financial and lifestyle benefits that neither could achieve acting on their own.

The Formula is Simple: Each Co-Owner enjoys up to 6 months “exclusive” use of the property each year according to a pre-agreed schedule. Properties are professionally managed and costs are split.

Benefits for Present Owners
  • Sell a “half-interest” in your vacation home
  • Co-own with a well-matched co-owner/investor
  • Withdraw capital and/or reduce debt exposure
  • Cut all ongoing ownership costs in half
  • Retain a “half-interest” in your property
  • Continue to enjoy your wonderful resort lifestyle
Benefits for New Buyers
  • Purchase a “half-interest” in a luxury vacation home
  • Co-own with a well-matched co-owner/investor
  • Pay only half purchase cost and half ownership costs
  • Invest in a premium property in a superior location
  • Enjoy more space, features and luxury lifestyle amenities
  • Achieve your vacation home goals for half the cost
Additional Benefits
  • Avoid the need or hassles of short-term rental revenue to offset costs
  • Share costs with a well-matched co-owner (who shares your pride of ownership)
Optional Benefits
  • Co-own a vacation home in your other favorite resort area! (eg. north/south/summer/winter)
  • Exchange your “half-interest” for enjoyment of luxury homes around the world for free!

We are building relationships with successful real estate brokers in premium recreational areas that are interested in new ways to increase sales and gain market share over their competitors.

The Ownermatch Program is part of a growing trend towards practical, cost-effective ownership of luxury lifestyle assets. Our “half-cost/half-use” formula is an attractive option for current owners of under-utilized luxury properties and for prospective buyers. It is also a fantastic listing tool. You win! Your clients win!

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Wayne Wilkins
Ownermatch International

Ownermatch offers a simple value proposition that cuts the costs of owning a vacation home in half and opens the door for more families to invest wisely in a recreational property at their favorite resort.

Since 2004, I have been bringing together like-minded investors to “co-own” luxury lifestyle assets on a 50/50 basis. It is practical and cost-effective. Contact me to learn more about enjoying your vacation home for half the cost.